Feb 13, 2007

Treasure Hunting with MBP

Well, let me count…..it’s five whole months. I have not eaten decent samosas in five months. I landed in US five months back, and before coming here, I had made a list and devoured every junk item that I thought I wouldn’t find in the US. I did eat some samosas here, but they were pathetic and very, very oily. So, it’s been five months since my heart and tongue have been craving for samosas and for a total junkie like me, five months is a long wait.

And now, thanks to MBP and my blog buddy Rooma’s recipe, I made and ate delicious samosas right at home:-). I am new to food blogging and in the process of discovering all the blog events. When I came to know about MBP and the theme for this month, I saw it as a perfect opportunity to make something that I had been longing for. I loved the theme for this month – finger foods. I love eating food with hands. In fact, I don’t find my tummy filled if I eat something with a knife and fork. I have had some awkward moments while attempting to eat vadas with a fork, the vada just got air-borne and landed on the nearby table:-)

I was on the lookout for a samosa recipe. I loved Rooma’s recipe and the step-by-step instructions. I wanted to surprise my hubby and chose to make samosas for evening tea. The whole process took close to an hour. One variation that I made was that I added a little bit of ajwain to the masala. Also, I kept the gas on low flame while frying the samosas.

The samosas were fun to make and turned out just as I had wanted them to. Imagine, hubby’s surprised look when he came home to find hot samosas waiting with tea!


Coffee said...

That was great!!!!!! Glad you liked it. :)
Welcome to the world of blogging. :) I have never come across your blog till now, thanks to the event I get to knwo so many new blog buddies. :)

Great entry Swapna!!!! It feel great when someone makes your recipe. :) Really appreciate it. :)
Adding you to the blogroll. :)

Anonymous said...

Wow........ I have always wondered how difficult would it be to prepare samosas at home... would love to try this recipe but am unable to open Rooma's Recipe... Can you please send me the same...