Apr 19, 2007

AFAM - Apple

An apple a day keeps the doctor away. Yes, it’s true. Apple with its numerous health benefits should be a part of our daily diet. Apples are rich in Vitamin C, anti-oxidants, and fibre. Apples have played a major role in Science. Had Newton uncle not seen an apple falling down from a tree, he would have never discovered gravity. Oh wow, that’s rhyming:) Apples are also used as symbols. It’s a symbol of sin in the Holy Bible.

As my entry for AFAM-Apple, I chose something that I caught my eye while leafing through a book. There are times when hubby calls from office and tells me he’s very very hungry. At such times, I make the normal mediocre snacks such as pohe, upma, etc. This week I was bored of eating the same old stuff. I was longing to try something new. That’s when I found this fantastic recipe in a very famous Marathi cookbook. You may find this book in almost all Marathi books. This book is “Annapurna” by Mangala Barve. My Mom has a copy of this book and it’s so worn and torn from the heavy use that most of the pages have come off. Finding a single recipe is super difficult from the book. The book is divided into different sections such as rice, soups and salads, vegetables, party items, cakes and icing, desserts, and so on. The author has beautifully described all the important dishes in a Marathi household. This book is so famous and has been followed by so many generations that it’s a common wedding gift to the new bride. I did not carry this book while coming to the US. I had it sent to me through a friend coming here. Here’s the recipe for a yummy snack:

Safarchandachi Bhajji/ Apple Pakoras

1.2 cups all purpose flour
2.2 tsp baking powder
3.1 cup milk
4.2 tbsp sugar
5.1 egg
6.3-4 apples
7.¼ tsp cinnamon powder
8.¼ tsp salt

1.Mix the all purpose flour, salt, and sugar in a bowl.
2.Break the egg in the milk and beat well. Add all purpose flour in the egg-milk mix and mix thoroughly. Add the cinnamon powder and baking powder. Now, your batter is ready.
3.Peel the apple covering. Remove seeds. Cut into desired shape.
4.Dip the apple pieces in the batter.
5.Heat ghee in a pan. Fry the apple pieces till golden brown.

Hubby came home when my photo session was in progress. He tasted the bhajji and loved them. He even asked me what they were made of. I don’t know why he asked me this. They were distinctly tasting of apple and I had even placed two apples while taking the snaps:)

These bhajjis come over to you Maheshwari for the AFAM:Apple event.


swapna said...

Hi swaps
i also made this fritters for this event.to day i updated by apple muffins and wanted to post this next week..but u are here already..
same pinch...
those fritters are looking yummy!!
my daughter liked them very much..

Coffee said...

WAH!!!! I never knew one could make bhajji from apples!!!!! Sounds exciting!!!! Nice one Swapna. :)

Thanks to newton uncle ;)

Richa said...

apple bhajji looks good, new recipe for me.

TRS said...

this is indeed different from the usual snacks, good one!


Sig said...

Swapna, never seen apple pakoras before, looks great, am sure it tastes great too!!

Swapna said...

Swapna: We can have same 2 entries. Do post ur version too.
Coffee:I guess you can make bhajji out of anything.
Richa & Trupti: It was a brand new recipe for me too. I am glad you liked it.
Sig: Yeah, the bhajjis tasted real good. Even we were surprised:)Do try these and you'll like them too.

Priya Bhaskaran said...

you have a nice blog out here:)

neha said...

wow! apple pakoras.... you bet i am gonna try making them! And thanks for dropping in :)

DEEPA said...

Hey swapna ...Nice blog .This is for the first time i am looking at your blog .great man .Apple pokoda!!!!wow man ..something different ..

bee said...

very unusual recipe, swapna. lol @ your hubby's reaction. it's a male thing. they see but don't see and hear but don't hear.

Sukanya Ramkumar said...

First time to ur blog........ Apple pakoras are different idea...They are looking good....