Jun 20, 2007

Going lite on the tummy

Phew! Coffee's theme for MBP this month was a much needed break from all the oily, sweet, or heavy food. While browsing through my fellow blogger's recipes for salads, raitas, soups or anything falling in the "lite" category, I stumbled upon this raita recipe. The Beetroot Tomato Cucumber raita recipe sounded like a must try. Vaishali's blog has a plethora of amazing recipes. She has tried out dishes using a variety of ingredients. So, why did I choose just this recipe?

A.I simply loved the vibrant colors of the beet and yoghurt mixed together.
B.I had all the ingredients in my pantry, except cucumbers. I skipped the cucumbers and coconut.
C. Beets are really low in calories. They offer N number of health benefits ranging from heart disease and cancer prevention, rich in nutrient proteins, blood purifier, and are a rich source of vitamin C.
D. There were 2 beets lying in the fridge from a long time. Hubby had purchased them and wanted to put them in sandwiches but the poor beets never caught his attention.
E. I had never cooked anything using beets since I came to the US.

Any variations?: Had to skip the cucumbers and followed the rest of the recipe as is.

Verdict: This raita turned out fabulous. I and P instantly fell in love with it. The peanuts add a nice, crunchy taste and the tempering adds a rich taste. We will be making this raita every time we get beets.

Thanks Vaishali for this fabulous recipe. And a big Thanks to Coffee for hosting MBP.


Coffee said...

What a lovely colour and a very cooling meal for the summers. :)

Thanks for the lovely entry Swapna. :)

bee said...

you been talking to pel lately? his blog looks like yours today (http://elaichietcetera.wordpress.com)

Suganya said...

How was eating the beetroot raw? I haven't tried that yet..

Sia said...

thats a pretty pink raita... its both going lite and going pink swapna:)

Anonymous said...

Hi swapna..am glad i visited ur blog today..i have 3-4 beets lying in my refrigerator for over 3 weeks...am gonna make this today ,for sure..

Asha said...

Swapna,great recipe to choose and very lite too.I love beets.
If you need a recipe for cooking Beets,check in my recipe index "side dishes" or you can make a simple stir-fry for Chapatis:))

trupti said...

I'd love this by itself, I think!

Vini K said...

Hi Swapna,nice colours in the raita..love the pretty pink.I wpould love to try this too.

Dilip said...

gosh a lovely striking colour...never tried beet in raita before...thanks for sharing

Linda said...

Gorgeous color! Very nice choice for "lite" Swapna :)

Dr. Soumya Bhat said...

Now thsi is really innovative and a great twist.Really good.Good going gal