Mar 19, 2007

Happy Gudi Padwa!

As spring knocks our door, we welcome the New Year and worship the Sun. Yes, it’s New Year for us. I am feeling kind of nostalgic, sitting here far away from home. I am missing all the sweets, celebrations, and the cute little gudi that we hang outside our door.
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We used to get a holiday on Gudi Padwa; our school administration being full of Maharashtrians. After taking bath, we used to pray to the Gudi and offer flowers and haldi-kumkum to it. Mom used to give us a neem leaf to eat. I and my bro used to touch our parent’s feet and then I used to command him to touch mine:) Mom mostly prepared basundi on this day. Read in details about Gudi Padwa here.

I welcomed the New Year by trying a new sweet - Rava Kesari. Some time back, we had invited our friends (P and S) for dinner. P came carrying a thali full of orange colored barfis, which tasted delicious. These friends have helped us a lot since we shifted into the new apartment. Be it taking us to the store for grocery shopping, lending things, or being guinea pigs for all my cooking adventures:)A special thanks to both of you. P pointed me to the recipe for making rava kesari. Here’s out it turned out:

This sweet is ready in a jiffy – took just 20 minutes to prepare. I did not have orange food color, hence added saffron. I think I should have added just a bit more saffron are my sweet is looking more yellow than orange. Taste delicious, nonetheless. I decorated a plate full of sweets and offered them as Naivadya. I wanted to be the devoted wife and wait till P got home from office. But then, I tasted one barfi, forgot all my devotion, and gobbled 5-6:)

This day is also special for me and hubby as we got engaged on this day last year:).

A very Happy New Year to my parents, friends, relatives, and my blog buddies!

Navavarshyachya Hardik Shubheccha!


Richa said...

shilpa, tula pan Navavarshyachya Hardik Shubheccha !!
rava kesari pharach chan disat ahey!

Mishmash ! said...

Hi Swapna, Happy Gudi Padwa :)
Ur post on frankie rolls reminded me of my Chennai days where we used to have frankie rolls,ofcourse non veg rolls, and they used to taste yum. Ur pics and post made me all nostalgic!


Prashant said...


Your description of Gudi Padwa took me back home to aapli Mumbai (specifically the Maharashtrian Dadar) and reminded me of the shrikand, basundi, jalebis, etc, though had to start the day with some bitter neem leaves.


Swapna said...

Richa and Prashant: Thanks for your wishes. You are confusing my name as Shilpa. Actually, it's Swapna:) Prashant, I used to manage to eat a bit of the neem leaf every year. It's really yucks:)
Mishmash:Happy Gudi Padwa to you too! Do make the frankie.

Sharmi said...

Happy new year swaps. the Kesari looks yummy.


swapna said...

Hi swapna
gudi padwa shubh kamanayen.

trupti said...

Happy Gudi Padwa to you and your family! Lovely color of the Rava Kesri barfi.


sailaja said...

Happy Gudi Padwa to you and your family, Swapna!

Sia's corner said...

happy gudi padwa to u n ur family swapna:)

Mandira said...

Happy gudi padwa to you and your family.

Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!