Jan 25, 2007

My birth


I am a food blog and I was born today. Come and visit me.

Yes, I finally decided to create a food blog. I have another blog, "Dreams come true", where I had posted 1 recipe. I want to post more recipes and be an active participant in the world of food bloggers. So, I created this one!

I stumbled into the world of food blogging while searching for a recipe. I have been having a good time reading all the food posts. The blog events sound exciting and fun to do. I got major inspiration for creating this blog by visiting food blogs of Nupur, Manasi, Ashwini, Vaishali, and Meeta. I am not a gourmet chef, but I have found a new passion in cooking. I love experimenting with new stuff.

So, join me in my cooking experiments.

Bon Appetite

1 comment:

Ujwal said...

Hi SWapna,
I just bumped in to your blog and i was happy that i came.I simply loved the way you presented your thoughts and lovely recipes. I am sure i am going to try many of your recipes.I am a non blogger but love to try out a variety of dishes :) i too share the passion of cooking