Aug 30, 2007

Announcing AFAM-September

After the parade of Banana, Strawberry, Pineapple, Apple, Mango, Orange, Watermelons, and Lychee, it's time for Grapes. I know I had given chickoo as another option, but the clusters of grapes and its recipes sounded more welcoming.

AFAM (A Fruit A Month) is a lovely event started by Maheshwari and it's my turn to host it this month. Thanks Maheshwari!

Grapes or angur as they are called in Hindi are sweet and sour (khatte-meethe) in taste. They are a rich source of Vitamin C and anti oxidants.

Use any type of grapes such as blue, black, green, red, purple, etc. to create your dish. If you are confused about what to make for AFAM, check out It has a plethora of recipes. Use grapes in your salads, entice us with some grape desserts, or bid farewell to the summer with some grape cocktails. The choice is yours. The rules for AFAM are simple.
  1. Prepare a dish using grapes and blog about it in the month of September.
  2. Include a link to this announcement and feel free to use this logo.

    (This logo was created by using an image found on Wiki. To save it on your machine, right-click the image, select Save Picture As..., and save to the desired location on your PC.)

  3. Send an e-mail to (swaps1ATgmailDOTCOM) with the following information: (Also leave a comment in this message with the link to your entry.)
    a. Subject line: AFAM September
    b. Your name
    c. Your blog name
    d. Name of the dish
    e. Picture of the dish in 400X400 pixels.
    (Please send your entries in the mentioned format as it will be easier for me to compile the entries in the round-up)
  4. You can participate even if you don't have a blog. Just mail me your recipe, all the above details, and the picture of the dish and I will include it in the round-up.
  5. The last day for submitting your entries is 25th September.

Pop some grapes in your mouth as you create wonderful dishes using them. Awaiting all your sweet and sour entries!


Unknown said...

Hi Swapna,
good choice count me in.

Sig said...

Great theme Swapna... Good luck with hosting.. I've updated the round up post to link to the announcement...

Anonymous said...

tons of delicious food can be made using grapes!! :)

sadly the season for grapes in india is between nov-dec or feb-may in india to the best of my knowledge :( - right now the market (in madras atleast) is flooded with lovely guavas and apples. i cant spot any good grapes!!

Tee said...

great choice Swapna! definitely will try and find something to do with grapes :)

Finla said...

As a new blogger i am intrested in this events. So i am sure going to think what dish i am going to make.
Thanks for the event

Swapna said...

Madhu: Waiting to see some gr8 entry from u.
Sig: Thanks!
Laskmi: I hope u find some before the deadline and cook something special.
Tee and Happy Cook: Waiting for ur lovely entries

Nupur said...

Swapna, will you allow dried grapes, i.e., raisins??

Swapna said...

Nupur: Dried grapes is fine too:)

Arts said...

Yeyyyyyyyyyyyy.. Am so glad u didnt choose chickoo.. I dont find it here :(
Bur grapes r in abundance.. Will post something soon!

Roopa (KitchenAromas) said...

Raisins are allowed? Awesome! That opens up a whole new world of cooking with grapes...err..dried ones that is! Thanks!

Namratha said...

Hi Swapna, was looking forward to your AFAM announcement:) I'm glad raisins are allowed too...yipee, I'm all set to send in my entries:)

Sona - quick picks/pick quicks said...

count me in..

Mansi said...

Hi Swapna, thanks for stopping by! we have 2 more things in common; I'm a female too (hahaha:)) and I'm a taurean-gemini cusp, with more Taurean influence:)

great to be friends, and I'll surely participate in AFAM this time!

chemcookit said...

Hey Swapna!
I'm hosting a similar event on my blog (called 'Fresh Produce of the Month'), and for this month I also launched the theme of grapes!!! Happy Cook pointed out to me that you have the same here.. Eheheh :) I do think grapes are a great fruit and how can one miss them in September? So I guess I'll send you over my entry too. :)

Bindiya said...

will definitely be sending my entry over to u soon swapna.

Anonymous said...

Antu Unde (Dry Fruit Laddoo) for AFAM September. No good grapes in India but dry grapes are available all the time.

Anonymous said...

I forgot to leave the link:

I have also sent an email.

Sheela said...

Hi Swapna, sent you an email, here is a link as well to my AFAM:Grapes post:
Looking fwd to the round-up,

Sona - quick picks/pick quicks said...

Hi Swapna,
Have sent you an email on my entry,could you please confirm receipt , please...
Name : Sona
Blogname: A Kitchen scientist & a white rat hubby

Name of the dish: Stretched stuffed grapes


Waiting for the pound up,

Chandrika said...

Hi Swapna,

I have sent an email. The link to the AFAM post is

Looking forward to the round up..

Padma said...

Hi Swapna, did u extended the date for AFAM submissions? if yes then do let me know, I will surely send my las min entry...

Mansi said...

Hey Swaps, if u r still taking entries fro AFAM, I have one more to send:) lemme know and I'll mail it to you asap..some of my readers suggested I should send it for AFAm-Grapes:)

Mansi said...

hey swapna, just sent you an email with the link to my entry! hope you got it...



KK said...

Hi Swapna,

I am new to blogging. what do I do to know abt these cooking events.Every time I see these events, it's date of submission is gone:( How do your guys keep track of events?